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What up people! I’ve been playin video games for nearly 30 years. I guess that kinda makes me the old man around here. I’m a pretty laid back guy and never afraid to speak what’s on my mind. I’m married with five kids, a couple which are avid gamers. I’m a gadget junkie (love my Android phone) and a home theater enthusiast. FPS, RPG, Puzzle, and PSN titles are my favorite genres, but I still like kickin the old school games. Yes, I am somewhat a PS3 fanboy, but overall just enjoy a good game. Hit me up, and we can throw down. Likes: kicking ass, taking names, and love letters from angry players. Dislikes: getting shot in the back, campers, and lag switchers (all of these will get you cussed out real quick). Currently playing: MAG, Socom 4, and Killzone 3


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Quickscoper in training and a puzzle-solving beast. When I’m not racking up head shots on XBL, I enjoy knitting and cooking :3 My DS and my Xbox are my babies<3 I love the Professor Layton games. Some of my other favorite games are Beyond Good & Evil, American McGee’s Alice, Portal, the Phoenix Wright series and COD:MW2, just to name a few. :]

Likes: Noodles, all things Totoro and Sailor Moon, Cosplaying, MapleStory (But more recently, WonderKing! ), GlassJAw and SWED<3 

Dislikes: People that say, “Video games aren’t for girls” and the like. Girls that only play video games because “Guys think girl gamers are hot”. It doesn’t work if you can’t play for SHIT, ladies. The radio. Oh, and pants. 

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Hey! I’m a fun loving nerd, who’s a cross between an otaku and a little bit of a hipster (I suppose), I’m also an artist (my major is game art). I’m super fond of sprite based games and Goichi Suda (SUDA51) is my hands-down favorite game designer of all time. I usually handle most of the tech type stuff around here as well. If ya wanna know anything else just ask!

Likes: Disgaea, Guilty Gear, MURAKAMI, Scott Pilgrim, Destructoid, and BlazBlue (to name a few)

Dislikes: Ignorant fanboys (not all fanboys/girls just ignorant ones), DRM, Companies that try to force consumers into buying “online passes”

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